17 August, 2020

The Creative Process Revolution

creative process revolution

Anyone who has worked with a creative studio has probably heard the same old story. It starts off with a briefing (getting to know the product helps with creative thinking) and an outline of the stages of the creative process. They then scurry off and come up with some ideas. Shortly after, you are presented with concepts, storyboards, style frames, sketches, an artisanal bread basket, and everything else under the sun.

You go ahead and greenlight one of their out-of-the-box ideas, and it goes into production. After a few days, you receive the first creative asset for you to run in your marketing campaign. It’s beautiful, gorgeous even. You’re so excited.

You pop it into your campaign, set your budgets, and let the algorithms do their thing.

After a week or so, you check to see your performance and, lo and behold, your creative flunked. It failed you!

We at yellowHEAD have seen this happen one too many times, which is why we took an active step in turning the creative process on its head.

See, we’re a performance marketing company that optimizes our partners’ campaigns based on… well, performance. However, like many other companies, we never looked at creative performance the way we did a Facebook or Google campaign.

With creatives being one of the major make-or-break points of a campaign’s success, shouldn’t we be looking at them the same way we look at our media plan – by analyzing a ton of KPIs?

Well, we’re doing just that. Alison is yellowHEAD’s creative analysis technology that is changing the creative process.

By analyzing key elements within creatives, we are now able to support our creative thinking with data. With the amount of information provided by Alison, we can dive deep into different sections of the creative and finally know for sure what to use for different audiences in specific geos and on each platform. These insights cut down time and effort spent on building a creative that may not even perform the way you would like.

This new creative performance approach enables us to maximize creative potential by focusing on key elements that are driving success. You can even take previous creatives that were performing well and rejuvenate them by adding and removing elements.

Coming up with new creative ideas can be exhausting and wear a person down. Alison can reduce creative thinking time significantly by providing recommendations, and it can also shorten the creative process by giving the ability to simply send those recommendations straight to your design team.

Remember that beautiful creative that we spoke about at the beginning of this blog? The one that failed you? Well, now you can breathe a little life into it and help it succeed! Let’s build creatives that not only look good but also achieve the results you want.

It’s time to create creatives differently.

It’s time to look at performance differently.

It’s time to join the creative revolution!

If you need assistance producing creatives that are built to perform, feel free to contact yellowSTUDIO.

Tune in on-demand to Mobile Growth Association’s #LevelUpThursdays podcast where our Marketing Creative Strategist talked about how technology and data are shaping the future of creatives:

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